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Unlock your creativity and join the ranks of our studio membership tiers at BellyFire! Whether you're just starting your pottery journey or you're a seasoned pro, there's a membership option tailored to your needs. Each membership tier includes a free 25lb block of clay to start you off and fuel your artistic endeavors! For those looking to supplement their membership with additional classes, we offer convenient group class packages starting at just $85 per month for two classes or $160 per month for four classes. Join BellyFire's studio memberships today and ignite your passion for pottery like never before! All members have access to disoci

Dial in your Pottery Skills with a Studio Membership

Dive into the world of pottery with

- Half shelf to store your creations

- Two half kiln firings per month

- access to open hours to hone your skills.

Clay Cadets ($150/month)

Not ready for a full membership? Thats ok too! Click the link to head on over to our open studio section!

Rule the studio with unlimited firing privileges, full shelf space, 24-hour access, plus one private lesson with a friend each month and a weekday group class to keep your creativity flowing.

Kiln Kings/Queens ($350/month)

Take your craft to the next level with

- A Full shelf for ample storage

- 24-hour studio access

- Two full kiln firings per month

- The added bonus of one class each month to expand your skills.

Pottery Pioneers ($250/month)

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