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10 Clay Camp Sessions Summer 2024!

Regular Summer Camp sessions run Monday - Thursday from 8:30am - 11:30am. Camps are led by experienced potters and early childhood educators. Camps are perfect for kids ages 6 - 14. Campers are divided by age and focus on different projects each day that fall into the larger theme of the session. Projects are often subject to campers' interpretation (ie a crawfish in a crawfish hole project may evolve into an alien in an alien dwelling). 

Regular Session Pricing

4-Day Session (Monday-Thursday) - $230

Extended Session Pricing

Each Friday, we will host a separate camp that is wheel focused. Wheel focused Friday camps cost $70. 

5-Day Session (Monday-Friday) - $275

Wheel-focused session (Friday Only) - $70

Discounts: For multiple siblings OR multiple sessions, we offer a 10% off discount from the total admission price.

Session Schedule

1st Sessions: June 3 - 6th (June 7th wheel-focused session)

2nd Sessions: June 10 - 13th &(June 14th: wheel-focused session)

3rd Sessions: June 17 - 20th & (June 21st: wheel-focused session)

4th Sessions: June 24 - 27th & (June 28th: wheel-focused session)

5th Sessions: July 1 - June 4th & (July 5th: wheel-focused session)

6th Sessions: July 8 - 11th & (July 12th: wheel-focused session)

7th Sessions: July 15 - 18th & (July 19th: wheel-focused session)

8th Sessions: July 22 - 25th & (July 26th: wheel-focused session)

9th Sessions: July 29th - August 1st & (August 2nd: wheel-focused session)

10th Sessions: August 5-8th & (August 9th: wheel-focused session)

Daily Agenda: (May change based on number of kids & activities done that day)

8:30 : Checkin / Name Tags 
8:40 : Get to Know Each Other / Review the Day’s Plans / Split into 2 groups
8:50 - 9:35 : Group 1/ Activity 1 : Group 2/ Activity 2
9:40 : Snack
10:00 : Clay charades and other clay games
10:20 - 11:10 : Group 1/ Activity 2 : Group 2/ Activity 1
11:10 : Finishing touches / Clean Up
11:30 : Checkout / Pickup

Camp Curriculum

Session #1: The Four Elements

Day 1: Earth - Handbuilt Slab Planter / Matching Tray Day 2: Fire - Set of 2 Candle Holders / Glaze Tiny Tot themed an element Day 3: Air - Handbuilt Whistle Day 4: Water - Wheel Thrown Pitcher / Thumb Controlled Watering Can

Session #2: Louisiana Wildlife

Day 1: Magnolia Flower bowl built on a balloon / Serving Spoon and Fork Day 2: Sketch & Glaze Swamp Scene on Platter / Hand Build oysters Day 3: Crawfish Mud Hole with Crawfish sticking out / Handbuilt Alligator Day 4: Wheel Thrown piece decorated like a Louisiana native animal or plant

Session #3: Under the Sea

Day 1: Fish Windchime / Glaze aquatic tiny tot Day 2: Coil bowl made to look like waves with cut outs of marine animals Day 3: Handbuild aquatic animal (octopus, sea slug, dolphin, etc) Day 4: Wheel Thrown Mug with Tentacles built on it

Session #4: Holidays Around the World

Day 1: Diwali - Diya lamp / coil vase with Diwali symbols Day 2: Dia de los Muertos - Catrina figure / Candy Skull Day 3: Ramadan - Lantern with cut outs (stars, moons. diamonds) / Matching tray Day 4: Omisoka - Wheel Throw Soba Bowl / Chopsticks + Holder

Session #5: Summer Days

Day 1: Sketch & Glaze Flag Plate Beach Sunset or Sunrise/ Set of 4 square coasters with images of summer Day 2: Summer Themed Coil Planter / Matching tray Day 3: Slab chip & dip platter (circle, square, star) Day 4: Wheel Throwing of choice

Session #6: Cajun and Creole Cuisine

Day 1: Sketch & Glaze Beignet Plate “Let Them Eat Beignets” / Day 2: Slab Crawfish Tray / Condiment Bowls Day 3: Crawfish Pot Pinch Pot with Lid (Seasoning Jar w/ Little spoon) Day 4: Wheel Thrown Gumbo Bowl / Spoon

Session #7: Animals!

Day 1: Glaze animal tiny tot of choice / Pinch Pot Animal Bell Day 2: Handbuilt Animal planter (Pinch pot into ball, carve out hole, add features) Day 3: 3-part Slab Bird Feeder Day 4: Wheel Thrown Bowl/Cup decorated like animal

Session #8: Space Exploration

Day 1: Pinch Pot Planet / Sketch & Glaze Outer Space Plate Day 2: Handbuilt Rocket / Slab Built Landing Pad Day 3: Pinch Pot Alien Head Day 4: Wheel Thrown Pieces of choice decorated space themed

Session #9: Fantasy Creatures

Day 1: Pinch Pot Monster / Sketch & Glaze their own creature Day 2: Mythical Creature of Their Imagination Whistle Day 3: Creature Pinch Pot Planter Day 4: Wheel Thrown Bowl/Cup decorated as a monster

Session #10: All Things Yummy

Day 1: Sketch / Paint a plate themed their favorite food Day 2: Slab plate / Sculpt their perfect meal Day 3: Two-Part French Butter Dish Day 4: Wheelthrown ice cream bowl

School Break Camps!

Labor Day Camp


Fall Break Camp


Thanksgiving Camp


Christmas Camp


Mardi Gras Camp


Spring Break/Easter Camp


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