Welcome! My name is David Rollins. I'm a potter and sculptor from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Founded here in town, BellyFire Studios is an arts platform for lessons, sales/commissioned work, and event booking from local professional artists, musicians and

other niche talents. Our verified artists are carefully chosen and represent the best in their specific category. Through our app, BellyFire (now available on google play and the App Store), students, couples, and groups can request lessons with our talented team. Going directly to a talented artist instead of through an expensive third party saves both you and the artist money. It also ensures that you get the best, most personalized lesson. Our five-star review feature allows customers to give and view feedback as well. 

Built by artists and creators, our mission is built around the belief that creating is better than consuming. We believe that given the opportunity all people can realize their own innate ability to create something incredible. We also think it's time to retire the starving artist trope. Too often, talented individuals turn to services like Rideshare apps and other part time employment, when they would much rather be doing what they love. Teaching through a brick and mortar studio or selling through a gallery works, but at a high cost for both the maker and the consumer. BellyFire offers the perfect solution. 

As an artist on our app you can set your own teaching availability and pricing, sell your work, and network with other artists. As a student, simply download our app and start connecting with the very best in town. 


Note to prospective Artists: You don't have to teach if you don't want to. Our other services can be used independently: Lessons, sales, commissions, and event booking. We've got you covered!

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