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Open Studio

Come into the studio and throw or hand-build on your own, without instruction.

Prefer a more flexible approach? Our open studio option allows you to drop in at your convenience and work on your projects independently, with access to all the tools and materials you need to bring your vision to life. Ready to make pottery a regular part of your routine? Discover the benefits of studio membership, which grants you access to our facilities, equipment, and resources, as well as discounts on classes and workshops.

What to Expect

The back of the house is open to walk-ins with prior pottery experience for "open studio" access. Anyone who has taken a class or series may come in and work on the wheels or handbuilding tables on their own time. Open studio is available on weekdays and weekends, whenever there are no classes in session. Initial firing is included Open Studio Pricing: $25/hr $3/lb of clay $5/piece glaze, clearcoat, and re-fire

Ideas and Prep video

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