Glass Blowing & Bench Work

Reuel is a master glassworker. An arborist and general "jack of all trades" by day and a wildly talented artist on the side to boot. Reuel is talented in a wide array of glassware but specializes in functional toke-able pieces.



Wheel Thrown Pottery, Sculpture, Hand-Building

David is a local potter and sculptor with a focus on dream-state consciousness, sculpture, and functional wheel thrown pottery. David has seven years of experience in pottery and over a year in teaching. He emphasizes the importance of having fun and forgetting perfection while learning the pottery as a beginner.

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Modern Art, Abstract Art, Street Art

Madison is prolific painter with hundreds of works in her portfolio. Her style of abstraction in lettering and color is evocative, distinct, and gripping.

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Event/Landscape Photography, Videography, Photo & Video Editing

Justin leads the typically unconventional life of an artist. Working with a wide array of media, and constantly pushing boundaries, this artist is known for his breadth and richness in style. Justin's ability to capture beauty in the mundane is one of his strong suits.


Drums, Trombone, Video Production, Music Production, Graphic Design

Yet another incredible musician in BellyFire's lineup of musical talent, Brandon has toured the United States four times and Japan once. Brandon has dedicated his life to music and he has a broad skill set because of it.

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Songwriting & Production, Beginner Guitar, Drums, Keys

Mookie is a lifelong musician and artist from Baton Rouge. The front man of "Baby in the 90s" has a wide skill set and is ready to share his lightness, enthusiasm, sense of humor, and incredible talent with aspiring musicians of all skill levels.

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Freestyle Rapping, Music Video Performance, Recording

Local rapper, Raheym Ca$h is one of the top up-and-coming artist/performers out of Baton Rouge, LA. An embodiment of "talk about it or be about it", Ca$h prefers to keep a low profile, releasing album after album, with little publicity. Cas$h literally shows up to the studio and improvises on the spot without prewrittens. He currently has around 60 hours of unreleased work. Check out his music on all music platforms.

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Mixing, Tracking, Mastering, Songwriting

In addition to founding a record label and producing incredible music, Kydris is also an great human being. LUV Music Productions is built around compassion and kindness (as well as raw talent).


Tailoring, Pattern-Making, Leatherworking, Cobbling

With experience ranging from internships with famous opera houses and cobblers in Germany, to his own prolific portfolio, Cypress is experienced beyond his years. After graduating LSU in under three years, Cypress is now pursuing fashion design in New Orleans at The Material Institute. Cypress currently interns with a bespoke suit tailor in Boca Raton part time, so his availability is at times limited. Cypress is down to earth, lighthearted, and loves sharing his passion for creativity and design with all.

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Wheel Thrown Pottery & Sculpture

Julie is a talented and prolific local potter from Baton Rouge. Julie graduated from LSU in Ceramic and has years of experience. Julie's work is currently displayed in galleries, and she is an excellent teacher. Julie brings more to a lesson that skill and experience though. She is patient, kind, encouraging, and truly a wonderful person.



Mixed Martial Arts & Boxing

Nakie doesn't paint with a brush, but is an artist nonetheless. Nakie coaches the basics of mixed martial arts and boxing. Let's talk about some of Nakie's accomplishments. Placing second at the 2018 LHSAA 5A Wrestling State Championship, Nakie later went on to hold titles in FIVE separate fight promotions. Nakie currently holds two of these titles, and is gunning towards a professional career in the sport.

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Glass Blowing

Nicko is a wildly talented and decade long experienced glass blower.
“What makes something art is you get an emotional response out of it when you look at it or see it or touch it, whatever it might be,” Nicko says. “I like glass because it kind of controls itself to some degree. It wants to be something, so you have to work with it”. Nicko's work is displayed in galleries and smoke shops through Louisiana and across the country.



Guitar, Drums, Bass, Music Production

Jarret is a lifelong dedicated musician. A student of the LSU school of music, Jarrett has a broad range of talent. Jarrett is currently the guitarist in the Madi Swan Experience. In addition to being a talented artist and performer, Jarrett also has years of teaching experience. He emphasizes practicing the right things and appreciating the seemingly small but not insignificant successes.

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