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Greetings fellow artists! If you've got what it takes to teach your skill and sell your work, apply today. We are a democratized but curated platform. Here’s what this means:

Curated:  Keeping our lineup of artists top-notch ensures repeat customers, higher reviews, and more publicity. It ensures that students receive the best instruction, and helps our teachers to build up their own reputation. Our platform’s  high standard benchmarks are beneficial to you as an artist, and help maintain the legitimacy of our service.

Democratized: Same as apps like Uber, Turo, Airbnb, etc, we believe that the money made on a common resource should be paid to the supplier, not the third party. I'm sure many of y’all have had experiences with galleries and teaching studios. I have. There are some upsides; regular hours, management done for you, etc. But at what cost? Well, there’s actually a number. You lose anywhere from 30-60% of the “true value” of your service through a gallery or studio (maybe 25% if you’re really lucky). We return most of that value back to you. BellyFire takes only 15%.

Our artist retain 85% of the true value of all services rendered. We’d like to make that number even higher. However, BellyFire wasn’t free to build. Our costs range from legal documentation, accounting, and customer service, to actual development and software maintenance.

Shipping or Pick-off?

If you choose to Ship, you can choose your own pricing like everything on the app. Why ship? Shipping is streamlined and easy to do. But keep in mind that shipping costs can be a deterrent for customers.

For the pick-up option: Once you receive an order, communicate with the customer and set arrangements. Why pickup? Pickup gets the customer their art quicker and foregoes shipping costs, leading to a potentially higher volume in sales. You also have the option to enable both options, and allow the customer to decide. This is what I do.

To Apply Now:

1. Download our beta app

2. Create an account

3. Go to you profile page on the bottom tabs section (second to last tab)

4. Hit "Apply to Teach"

5. Follow the instructions

6. Once approved, create and connect your Stripe account for automated payouts. Found under your profile tab in "teaching mode"

Stripe Payouts:

Currently our system's payment is only able to integrate with Stripe. Of the 15% we collect from the artists, 2.99% automatically goes directly to Stripe for processing the initial payment with no additional fee for the artist payout.